Join Disability Labour.

Please use one of the forms below to join us. You must be a member of the Labour Party. The first two forms are for Dragon etc users (people using dictation software), the third online form is further down this page. If you download one of the Dragon etc compatible forms, you do not need to read further down this page.

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Your membership options are:

Disabled member.Free.
Informal carer of a disabled person.Free.
Waged supporter - a non disabled Labour Party member.£10.00
Unwaged supporter - a non disabled Labour Party member.£5.00
Annual affiliation rates are:
Affiliate level 1: CLP, Labour Club, Young Labour group, local Co-op or Trade Union branch with up to 1000 members.£15.00
Affiliate level 2: CLP, Labour Club, Young Labour group, local Co-op or Trade Union branch with more than 1000 members.£30.00
Affiliate level 3: National Trade Union with under 99,999 members.£150.00
Affiliate level 4: National Trade Union with 100,000 to 999,999.£250.00
Affiliate level 5: National Trade Union with over £1m members.£500.00

If you are applying as a paid member, you have two options to pay:

1. Make your cheque payable to Disability Labour and send it, with your name and address, to:

Disability Labour
c/o 32 Battlebridge Court
Wharfdale Road
London N1 9UA.

You will be accepted for membership when your cheque clears our account.


2. Do not send payment now. We are setting up our banking arrangements and will update this page soon with details. If you do chose this option, you will not be a member until payment is received.

Membership application form:

Only questions marked with an asterisk* are required. Other questions are optional.