Welcome to Disability Labour.

We are an independent socialist society affiliated to the Labour Party. We are committed to equality for disabled people in the Party and across the country.

We changed our membership system at our AGM on Saturday 8 September 2018. Membership is now free to all disabled members of the Labour Party. We’ll give details here, please visit again at the end of this week.

Our team.

We elect our Executive Committee annually. For 2018-2019 our team is:

Co-Chair – Wayne Blackburn

Co-Chair – Fran Springfield

Vice Chair – Kathy Bole

Vice Chair – Dave Townsend

Secretary – Simon Lydiard

Assistant Secretary – Lorraine Harding

Treasurer – Gabrielle Moran

Claire Harris

Sam Margrave

Mick O’Neil-Duff

Nico Pollen

Anne Pridmore

Barb Roberts

Martyn Shrewsbury

Helen Whitehead

Phone us on:

07375 751117

Email us at:


Or fill in our contact form: