Welcome to Disability Labour.

We are an independent socialist society affiliated to the Labour Party. We are committed to equality for disabled people in the Party and across the country. Membership is free to all disabled members, and carers who are members, of the Labour Party. Party structures and trade unions are invited to affiliate – click to join above.

Pictured: Dawn Butler (centre) Shadow Equalities Minister with Disability Labour co Vice chair Kathy Bole, and Executive committee member Claire Harris at Labour Party conference 2018.

The new Executive of Disability Labour was elected on 8 September 2018. Our manifesto was:

Our 12 point plan for Disability Labour.

1Free membership for all Labour Party members with a disability or informal carers of disabled members. Funding to come from affiliations and donations.Done.2We will be a strong campaigning voice for disabled members & their carers, within the Party and externally.Ongoing.
3We will implement One Member, One Vote for all DL elections. Participation at Disability Labour AGMs and Conferences to be available by remote access. We will campaign for this to be implemented across the Labour Party.Ongoing.4Executive meetings to be monthly and to be fully accessible including being online for members unable to travel. Open to members to attend with time for questions and contributions.Done.
5Officers will be directly contactable and responsive to enquiries and concerns. All Officer roles will be a job-share to ensure continuity should a post holder be unable to carry their duties temporarily.We need a treasurer.6Minutes of Executive Meetings will be published promptly. Members will receive regular updates about campaigns and other important issues. Accounts will be properly audited and presented in an Annual Report.Started.
7We will adopt the DEAL handbook and It's our Party - Let us in. We will campaign with Project 125 and other disabled people's organisations such as DPAC.Handbook adopted. Working relationships started.8We will set up working groups to develop Labour Party Policy on Disability issues and work with the Parliamentary Labour Party.Done.
9We will set up strands to support members who are Neuro-diverse, have learning disabilities and who are unwaged carers of adults or children with disabilities.Still to do.10We will:
a) liaise with CLPs to disseminate information.
b) provide expert advice and training throughout the party on reasonable adjustments for disabled members.
c) develop training for CLPs on disability and mental health equality.
Still to do.
11We will campaign for dedicated disabled members seats on Regional Boards, the National Executive Committee, National Policy Forum and all Conference Arrangements Committees.Ongoing.12We will support and endorse disabled members standing for public office and LP positions. We will campaign for inclusion of disabled candidates on all short lists for local government and parliamentary elections.To do.

Legal handbook coverEquality Act 2010 (disability) and the Labour Party.

We have adopted the handbook, ‘Equality Act 2010 (disability) and the Labour Party’, and will prioritise promoting it’s adoption and use throughout the Party.

We encourage all Party structures to pass the motion supporting the handbook.

Download the handbook here: http://disabilityequalityactlabour.org.

Our team.

We elect our Executive Committee annually. For 2018-2019 our team is:

Co-Chair – Wayne Blackburn
Co-Chair – Fran Springfield
Co-Vice Chair – Kathy Bole
Co-Vice Chair – Dave Townsend
Co-Secretary – Simon Lydiard
Co-Secretary – Lorraine Harding
Membership and participation – Sophie Talbot
Claire Harris
Sam Margrave
Mick O’Neil-Duff
Nico Pollen
Anne Pridmore
Barb Roberts
Martyn Shrewsbury
Helen Whitehead

Contact us.

By phone: 07375 751117

By email: info@disabilitylabour.org.uk

Or by contact form:

The Disability Labour logo.About our logo.

Before our 2018 AGM, a group of us set about thinking what logo we would want to represent us. Fran, Kathy and Nico came up with something a bit brilliant… Integrating Spoon Theory into the Labour rose. But how would we do that? Barb solved it. She found a beautiful spoon whose handle transformed into a rose. Sophie drafted the artwork and we all got to comment on it. So, now, just by looking at our logo we get a reminder to look after ourselves!