Labour Manifesto for the snap General Election in June 2017. Click here to download.

Nothing about you, without you: A manifesto with and for disabled people. Labour.


Download the Labour Party Manifesto in accessible formats by clicking here.

Welcome to Disability Labour.

We are a voluntary group funded mainly by our members and supporters. So the more members we have, the more we can do to assist disabled members across the party.

Disabiloty Labour has influence across party policy, however, to enable us to gain more and be truly representative we must grow our membership. Please help us by raising awareness in your CLP. 

You can ask your CLP to affiliate, Disability Labour can also affiliate back.

lets make our party structures work for the many, not the few.


Find out what's happening at Disability Labour by following our public Facebook group which is run by our members:

Our public Facebook page (click here).

If you are a Disability Labour, sign up to our members Facebook page to share news and take part in discussions:

Our members Facebook page (click here).

We advocate for and support a network of disabled Labour Party members. We aim to:

  1. Campaign for and achieve full civil rights for disabled people, including comprehensive and enforceable legislation.
  2. Provide a platform for disabled people in the Labour Party
  3. Monitor and encourage the best possible practice by Labour within party operations, in public office at European, national, regional and local government level to meet the needs of disabled people both in employment practice and the provision of services.
  4. Encourage disabled people to join the Labour Party and their fullest involvement at all levels and secure the removal of all barriers to their participation.
  5. Monitor and influence the Party’s decision making with regards to the rights and interests of disabled people.
  6. Advise Labour how best to campaign for and win the votes of disabled people, which will include accessible processes.
  7. Co-operate with other organisations of disabled people.
  8. Be a socialist society as a means of securing the right of disabled people to be represented and heard at all levels of the Party.

Disability Labour is proud to be led by disabled members of the Labour Party.